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As the inky sky changes slowly to indigo blue and the sun slowly wakes your sleepy eyes where you are still wrapped in the arms of your cozy duvet dreaming of summer days and holidays… you reach for your winter gown, shivering and gratefully gulping steaming coffee while welcoming the changing of the seasons from summer to fall.


Fall, nature’s gentle nudge before the winter arrives is a great season to still enjoy so many activities at Eden on the Bay.


These are a few reasons for which Eden is much loved and for new adventures to be explored:


  1. The Beach and the Promenade – Swimming (for the brave and strong of the heart 😊) surfing, kite surfing, walking, running, meditate, yoga, relaxation, shell picking, inspiration, etc. Let’s not forget that Eden is pet friendly and your dogs benefit from their “walkies” plus most of the restaurants are happy to provide water bowls for your dogs.
  2. The Restaurants –  So many to choose from and to satisfy every palate and of course Covid compliant. So you have many choices for breakfasts, lunches, suppers, cocktails, celebrations, meeting colleagues, friends, and family, for solving the world’s problems, sharing a good laugh ad keeping warm with great food and company

Eden has also welcomed the opening of two new eateries, namely The Daily and Huli’s donuts. They are wished well in this new venture

  1. School Holidays – yes! Eden is certainly the place to visit and to keep your children heartily entertained. Perhaps learning a new hobby or continuing with a current sport to enjoy and if ‘it’s a new wet suit that’s needed or a bodyboard. The perfect place for this is at Open Ocean. Contact them on 021 554 1729 or visit their website
  2. Tourists  – can enjoy a hassle-free holiday as well as all their accommodation needs at Eden. Retail shops, hair and beauty salons, coffee shops, the wonderful list of spas for a great mid-season treat, sports shops, restaurants, etc. And of course, the beach.
  3. Eden is also a welcome wheelchair-friendly destination which ensures that all visitors can enjoy their time at Eden.
  4. Special occasions throughout the seasons have been celebrated at Eden and on the 9th of May, we celebrate Mother’s Day. For that special gift for a great mom, gran, aunt, friend, etc. There are many lovely gifts to choose from, from the following shop’s Lulu Lalla, Boska Fashion, Salty Sistas.














7. If you’re an avid photographer, professional or amateur the lighting in the fall is beautiful and one can take amazing photographs of magnificent Table Mountain and the beach

  1. At Work Coworking space – Work remotely rather than working from home. @Work offers ALL-INCLUSIVE workspace options at AFFORDABLE rates, cutting your monthly expenditure and saving your sanity!












  1. Safety – although the fall yields shorter day hours you can still safely enjoy your activities at Eden as there is undercover parking and the open parking area is watched by the friendly car guards.
  2. Inspiration – who cannot be owed by the spectacular natural painting of iconic Table Mountain resting above the jewel blue ocean, watch mesmerized as the sunset turns the sky blood orange while one listens to the soothing sound of the ocean’s continues caress of the golden sand. Breathe deeply nature’s treasures, restoring hope, peace ad harmony to one’s soul….


Please continue to abide by all the Covid safety protocols. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe and many blessing to you!





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