Habiba Boho Boutique and Bellydancing Supplies

Habiba is a reflection of Lindy’s daydreams, a warm, inviting space for her expertly curated assortment of distinctive apparel and accessories. From airy, bohemian wardrobe essentials to edgy, statement-making pieces and specialty jewellery from across the globe.


  • Belly dancing costumes and props
  • Boho chic clothing and tribal gear
  • Mandalas tapesties and bedsets
  • Jewellery and fashion pieces
  • Art pieces and décor trinkets
  • Lanterns and rugs
  • Goods sourced from both local and global designers


Whether you are a beginner oriental dance student, a dance instructor, or a professional belly dancer, if you are hosting an oriental event or theme party and looking for an outfit, a gift or décor, or even if you are a person that lives and loves the bohemian fashion look, you will find it all and much more at Habiba.


And what about Lindy? Well Lindy’s reward and joy is not only to be living her dream, but to share your excitement when you pop into her shop and love what you see and adore what you buy!


Come and see for yourself and take a magical carpet ride…



  • Tel: 083 444 6524
  • Shop No: 40
  • Email address: info@habiba.co.za
  • Website: www.habiba.co.za
  • Cell number: 083 444 6524
  • Retail hours: Monday – Sunday 9.30am – 5pm (including Public holidays)



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