Inside Lounge and Indian Cuisine


Inside Eden on the Bay


From great views outside to perfect food Inside!


Watch the sun set on the wildest waves just a glance away as you tuck into your meal at this chic, upmarket and urban seaside lounge. We aim to please every discerning appetite, boasting a gourmet Indian Menu, catering from a vast menu, satiating your every craving, from Fusion inspired Pizzas, to invigorating cocktails and not to forget our claim to fame, the renownedly popular Bunny Chow,  Inside has certainly become a safe haven for food lovers across the board.


Inside Lounge is perfectly located at the classy, elegant and stylish destination mall: Eden on the Bay, and it truly feels like stepping into the Garden of Eden, in the arms of a world-renowned sea-shore. Picturesque beauty unequalled, except of course, by its unique mix of plush, chic and smart stores.

Tel: 021 554 9653




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