Eden on the Bay Mall invites you to a world where creativity and commerce dance to the serene tunes of the waves.

Introducing The Eden Emporium – Beach Vibes, Bay Buys, a haven where local artisans bloom, and unique treasures abound.

From only R3000 per month. Only sign for 3 months!

A Gem by the Bay

Perched between culinary havens and chic boutiques, The Eden Emporium is not just a space but an experience. It’s where handcrafted wonders meet eyes of admiration, where local talents find a home amidst the soft whisper of the ocean breeze.

Spotlight Awaits


With the majestic beach as your backdrop and a diverse audience of locals and global wanderers at your doorstep, every day is a canvas of opportunities. Each artifact, a story; every transaction, a union of souls.


Secure Your Space

From just R3000 per month, the sands of opportunity are well within reach. But remember, like the precious treasures of the ocean, spaces are limited.

Join Our Vibrancy


To claim your spot in this vibrant mosaic of culture and commerce, send us your business proposal and photos. Let us weave your uniqueness into this rich

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