There are Great Malls in Cape Town…

But how do you find the one that’s a perfect fit?

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So What’s Special About Eden on the Bay Mall?

What sets Eden on the Bay Mall apart from the rest of Cape Town Malls?

Is it the spectacular view of Table Mountain?

Or the selection of delicious beachfront restaurants that leave you feeling like you’re dining out in the Mediterranean?

Perhaps it’s the zesty little shops filled with delightful items that make Eden on the Bay special?

Or the affordable boutiques and fashion stores that satisfy your fashionista-cravings?

It’s all this and more…

The Uniqueness of Eden on the Bay Mall, in the scope of Cape Town Malls, is this…

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There’s Something for Everyone at Eden on the Bay Mall


  • Dog lover,edens gallery
  • Surfer,
  • Kite boarder,
  • Stand Up Paddler,
  • Body boarder,
  • Foodie,
  • Friend,
  • Parent,
  • Grand parent,
  • Tourist in Cape Town,
  • Capetonian,
  • Sports enthusiast,
  • Shopper,
  • Lie-on-the-grass-and-enjoy-the-viewer,
  • Picnic lover,
  • Beach comber,
  • Lover of life and beautiful things.

If you see yourself in this list, then you have just found the one mall out of all the malls in Cape Town that is just for you.

Eden on the Bay Mall is pet friendly, sea and sports friendly, family friendly, great night out friendly and everything-in-between.

Come and hang out with others just like you.

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