Top 5 Beach Activities for Kids this Summer

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Need a couple of ideas to keep the little ones busy at the beach this summer? We know that it can be tough to keep children entertained for an entire beach day, so we thought we’d put together a list of fun beach activity ideas that kids will love.


5 Super Fun Beach Activities For The Kids


1. Water Bucket Relay


Relay races are exciting and kids simply love the competition aspect. Instead of the good old fashioned egg and spoon relay, try a water bucket relay. Each child will have a plastic cup or spoon to fetch water from the sea. They will have to try to be the first to fill up the water bucket. Exciting to watch and exciting to take part in.





You will need: a plastic bucket per team + a plastic cup for each child


Great for: Agility and balance.


2. Let’s Go Fly a Kite


We don’t think it is possible for kids and adults alike to not love kites. Blouberg beach is perfect for flying a kite. When the wind is just right, it can be so much fun to race your kite up and down the shore. First work out the wind direction so that your kids can fly their kites against the wind and get it to take flight.


Even better, if you can’t find a kid kite in a toy store, you can make it an arts and crafts project before the beach visit.



Source: Four Seasons


You will need: A homemade kite or store-bought kite


Great for: running



3. Limbo at the Beach


Originating in Trinidad in the 1800s, the limbo dance has turned into a fun beach activity in the 21st century. There are a lot of things you can use for the bar such as a pool noodle, jump rope, boat oar, string, or anything that people can limbo under.


If you’re unfamiliar with the limbo, it’s quite straightforward. One person is stationed at each end of the rope and they lower the height of the rope after each child has successfully cleared the height. Bring a little festivity to the situation by playing some music.


You will need: something to use as a bar


Great for: balance, falling and tumbling


4. Beach Bowling


Beach bowling is really quite simple. Line up empty bottles or bring your own plastic pins and balls and take turns trying to get a strike. Beach bowling has even more fun potential than regular bowling, as you do not have to rent those weird oversized shoes.


Source: Aloha Beach Camp


Let the smaller kids start from a closer starting point to keep the fun rolling. You can even swap the pins for tennis balls and dig small holes in the beach sand for a hybrid beach bowling game.




You will need: a set of plastic pins and plastic balls / tennis balls.


Great: Aiming and throwing



5. Sand Hopscotch


No equipment needed! Bring the popular hopping game to the beach by drawing a grid in the sand on the beach and using rocks or shells for markers. If the sand is hot, don’t forget to put your children’s water shoes or flip flops on to protect their little feet.


Source: Youtube/ Penster09


You will need: Nothing but your two front feet


Great for: Hopping and throwing

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