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Five Absolute Must-Kite Hotspots in Cape Townred bull king of the air



Between 31 January – 14 February 2015 twenty-four of the world’s best kiteboarders will battle it out in front of thousands of fans, and a panel of six esteemed judges, to find out who will be the new Red Bull King of the Air for 2015.

The battle ground for this world-famous event is chosen by an international panel of experts from the best spots around the world, like Hawaii, California and Brazil.


Big Bay, Cape Town wins every time.


The reason why top international kiteboarders keep choosing our windy waters above their own is simple: our consistent and reliable wind.


So why not kite where the pro’s do? Here’s the low down on a few of their favourite locations:


Witsands Cape Point

Witsands beach is a firm favourite for pro kiters. This beautiful setting is not for beginners as it offers far more extreme and challenging conditions than other spots around Cape Town.

Riders can catch their highest kicks and swells coming in from the south with the help of wind blowing between 40-50 knots.



Quite a contrast to Witsands with its clean winds, warmer waters and long, flat stretches of ocean, Langebaan is an ideal spot for beginners and pros alike.

Recognised for its excellent wind build-ups, pro riders know that Langebaan is the spot where they can get the height they’re looking for. Also a great spot for kiters to work on their surface technique, Langebaan makes a change from the hectic, sometimes terrifying conditions at other beaches.


eden on the bay


Dolphin Beach

Dolphin Beach is known as one of the busiest kiting beaches in Cape Town during season, where anywhere between one hundred and one hundred and fifty kiters can be in the water at once.

This is thanks to consistent kite-friendly conditions, such as ample space to launch from the beach, two to three metres swells on windy days (which is almost every day in season), and of course, the great downwind kiting from the ever-present South Easter.



Located just a few kilometres outside of Big Bay, Haakgat is beloved for its four metres wave swells and excellent wave breaks.

The currents and waves are not suited to amateur kiters, however, and shouldn’t be taken on if you’re not confident and experienced.


Big Bay

Big Bay is acknowledged by the best as a beach with some of the cleanest waves and long flat areas of water, channelling some serious South Easters that allow riders to show off their more complex moves. The wind here is said to be lighter than in other parts of the coastline and creates perfect conditions for tricks and free bull king of the air 2015




“I’ve had some of my best surfs at Big Bay…with smooth nine metre winds and the most ridiculous kickers that curve in through the bay allowing you to pick the angle you want to hit them at.” – Aaron Hadlow, Five Time World Champion and Hadlow Pro by Flexifoil Gear Development.





Aside from ideal wind and water, it’s what you can do once you get out of the water that makes Big Bay a favourite for locals and internationals. Eden on the Bay on Big Bay has great restaurants right on the beachfront, plenty of safe underground parking, and shops, like Cabrinha Cape Town. Plus, the Big Bay Lifesaving Club is right at the water’s edge.


Eden on the Bay is also the host of the Red Bull King of the Air event for the third consecutive year.


The 2015 King of the Air competition promises to be bigger and better than ever. As always, we’re anticipating crowds of thousands to gather on the sandy shores of Big Bay beach to witness the crowning of the 2015 Red Bull King of the Air competition. We’ll see you there


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