It’s the month of love!

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Hello Eden Family!

Welcome to 2021.

It’s the month of love! Although once again we are faced with many uncertainties, it is
with a greater determination that one forges forward with more motivation to stay
focused on the meaningful aspects of one’s life and to continue to strive towards
being a better person.


It’s already the second month of the year!! The “month of love” to coin a cliche and of
course Valentine’s Day on 14 February!! Isn’t it incredible that a vast selection of
Valentine goods are already decorating the shelves and window fronts of many of
the shops at Eden allowing you ample time to select a gift for someone special in
your life…? partner, husband, wife, best friend, sister, brother and yes, also that
a special pet who loves you unconditionally!



Although traditionally 14 February is the day designated to show appreciation for
those we love, it is important to tell our loved ones every day how much they are
appreciated. If it’s one thing 2020 taught us it’s that during stressful times our loved
ones are the ones that helped us get through and will continue to do so.
What’s not to love? Someone asked…. yes, one can think of many things for sure.
However, what is to love is far more important…. here are a few things we can all
relate with:

The resilience of the South African people, the support and caring for our
children, neighbours, friends, the innocent laughter of a child, a helping hand, a
friendly smile above the anonymity of a mask, a kind word, and shared laughter while
waiting at the till point and the unity shared by the majority to make a difference
despite the defiance of a deadly virus and the ever-changing adjustments to the
levels of lockdown!!


This unity is never needed more than now by all the businesses at Eden. As one is
aware some businesses have been severely crippled by the lockdown but hopefully
now that tourism has opened up more, curfew relaxed a little more, beaches opening
and alcohol allowed to be served in restaurants some can slowly recover eg. Open
Ocean can once again reintroduce surfing lessons.

One can take advantage of the sales and of special packages offered by the many
fine restaurants so that you can book a romantic dinner with bubbly with your special

An important aspect of life is one’s health. So, start a new hobby, exercise, try
surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, running, walking, etc and you can shop for all your
gear and get friendly advice from many of the shops at Eden. There’s even an
amazing Spa where you can have a wonderful massage to soothe those muscles
you haven’t used it in ages.

Above all this strive to let your heart continue to beat with love, light, and hope.
Give heartfelt thanks for the blessings in your life and where possible reach out and
help others. Take care and stay safe.




It’s the month of love!

H – heal your soul
E – excel at doing the best that you can each day
A – always give sincerely without expectations
R – remember to love and respect yourself
T – take time to breathe, smile, reach out and trust that you are a better person
because of those who love you

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