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Hi Everyone

How to make the most of winter.

Winter…….how one longs for it (or not) during those hot summer days. Wrapping up warmly, feeling cozy, crackling fires, hot chocolate, and hearty meals……Mmmmm that’s what one conjures up for winter and yes! One wishes that one could linger longer wrapped in the arms of that comfortable duvet but winter is also a time to enjoy life and indulge not just in that mug of decadent hot chocolate but immerse oneself in so much more.

It goes almost without saying but somehow one must be reminded from time to time, that it is especially important to keep healthy during winter by eating balanced meals, take supplements where necessary and of course to continue with an exercise program even if it takes a lot more motivation for some people during the colder months this ensures keeping the immune system at its peak.
Why not embark on a 30-day challenge with a friend (this way it gets one out of the lazy mode as one would feel guilty if one reneges on the pact)

To reward yourself after a week of this challenge you can treat yourself to a delicious takeaway meal from the numerous restaurants at Eden: Promotions – Eden On The Bay Mall


It’s important to take care of your skin and hair during the extreme winter weather and to help you with this Eden on the bay has a well-equipped spa and hairdressing salons. All you need to do is pick up your phone for that wonderful pampering experience!



So, in winter how does one put more warmth in one’s home decor?


By adding a couple of new cushions, a scatter rug, lampshades, and a colour full throw. One can lift the ambiance and look of one’s space, be it the home office, living room, chill out space, etc. and even a small make-over will in one’s home is a great mood booster!! So go on explore these great stores at Eden like Habiba Boho Home, Salty Sistas, Libra & Exclusive Tailors and release that designer in you!!





If winter is too cold to have an outdoor picnic, why not organize to have one inside? Maybe incorporate a game night with some reward treats for those with children as they love getting rewarded!
Let these Eden stores help bring “summer” on a winter’s day: Lulu Lalla & Cell World.

One needs to pause now to consider that winter for some members of the community is not filled with all things warm and hearty and that many struggles every day to survive and to look after their families….so what can you do?  “A Random Act of Kindness” on 16 JULY (Mandela’s Birthday).





Some suggested acts or activities you could do are:

• buy groceries for someone in need or for a shelter/ soup kitchen
• help out at an animal shelter, buy pet food/ blankets for the shelter
• donate your time to help at a soup kitchen
• buy a meal for the car guard, a bar of chocolate for the petrol attendant
• cook a meal for an elderly neighbour.

These are but to name a few. There are so MANY other ways to help. All you need to do is an act, it brings joy to the receiver and the giver.
The act of kindness is a tribute to the greatly humanitarian spirit of Mr. Nelson Mandela and this legacy lives on in the giving.

Winter is a time when one can in fact bring summer warmth into many aspects of one’s life.


Stay safe and take care of yourself and your families and remember you are not alone in this abnormal time we’re living in. Be grateful for all the blessings in your life no matter how small and remind yourself to “see the sunshine in every day”.


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