Global Gallery

At Global Gallery you will discover a showcase of beautiful artworks created by talented local artist, Paul van Rensburg. These one-of-a-kind pieces will add something special to any space.

Global Gallery was founded in 2018.

Directors: S. Simpson, W. Simpson, P.G. van Rensburg

Exclusively showcasing – Artist: Paul van Rensburg

Paul was born in 1963 in Queenstown Eastern Cape South Africa.

He completed his schooling at Queens College.

Since the age of five Paul found paint and other mediums interesting.

He started to express himself in all methodologies at a very early age giving him a door in later years to supply and exhibited his work both Nationally and Internationally.

Since inception of Global Gallery based in Cape Town South Africa with Paul as Co-owner it has given the public an opportunity to view the raw talent of an Artist who not only produces top quality work, but also showcases a South African talent rarely seen.

From humble begging’s Paul has proved that art can be showcased in many different ways and making it accessible to all who enjoy and love art.

After many years of experimenting Paul has been able to create his own style which fortunately has not only inspired young artists but collectors & buyers though out the world

With the ever-increasing demand Paul has accepted invitations to exhibit on high levels in numerus countries creating a larger demand enabling Paul, as he says, “to share his expressions to a diverse clientele.”

Paul reveals his large artworks which has proven to be popular with clientele placing commission orders for large homes, hotel groups and office works.

As he has been commissioned by a large amount of international and national clients Paul feels it’s time to showcase his large works and sculptures to the S.A public.

Using different mediums freely from paint, resins, spray, oil and many more, Paul creates works that all can relate to creating vibrant and joyful pieces for all to enjoy.

Paul would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported him throughout his career.

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Find them at Shop 47 next to Cup & Cake

Tel: +27 (0)72 078 3315



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