Aren't Humans Amazing

Aren’t Humans Amazing

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Hello Everyone,


Aren’t humans amazing!! The ability of most, to adapt to an unimaginable and unprecedented global phenomenon is quite remarkable. And then there was the uplifting Jeruselema which went viral and uplifted millions across the world and made our heart and soul smile.


Well done to everyone who continues to fight on with the strength of spirit and keeping to the daily global mantra of social distancing, sanitizing our hands, and wearing masks which have become quite a fashionable accessory!! Some beautiful, quirky, and fun ones around. If you’re a bit of a fashionista, you’ll have several masks to match your outfit of the day. Aren’t Humans Amazing?



Aren't Humans Amazing



It was uplifting when the President announced that we had progressed to level 1 of lockdown. The whole mood of the country changed and although we are not yet in the clear it is a credit to all who have helped to get us there. Finally, we can travel locally and visit family and loved ones, catching up, which were sorely missed during the harder lockdown levels.

Despite lockdown, the one thing that did not slow down is the time!! And soon the holiday or festive season will be here again. This often involves frenzied and frenetic foraging for gifts, planning holiday trips, accommodation, entertainment, keeping children busy during the holidays but also taking some personal time out to recharge, recover and re-evaluate what is truly important in our life. Redefining our wants and our needs.




While some of us are avid online shoppers and enjoy the convenience thereof, many prefer visiting the shops and browsing while searching for that perfect gift, outfit, or ideas for festive menus. Luckily there are many shops to choose from and the way to remain sane when bombarded by all the tempting goods is

  • shop ahead of time to avoid last-minute dashes to shops
  • make lists for who / what you need to buy
  • stick to your budget
  • planning is key
  • delegate where you can

Remember that malls are going to be busy from early to late so stay calm, be patient, and remember to breathe.


Shopping during the holiday season is quite exhausting especially if you have children in tow. The upside is that you can take that much needed coffee, lunch or end of shopping get together over cocktails break by popping into any of the numerous restaurants etc which the mall has to offer.



Finally, one would be amiss not to mention those who are not blessed with some of the abundances of life. If each person does just one act of kindness toward one person, it will bring happiness to the giver and to the receiver and if we all strive to do this it can cause a global ripple of happiness.

Aren’t Humans Amazing!


We also urge you to support local independent businesses. Eden on the Bay Mall is hosting yet another fun Craft Market on Sunday, 13th of December10:00-15:00,

so come and support our boutique stores, beauty salons, restaurants, and vendors.















Take care, stay safe, reach out, and be blessed.


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